Friday, June 15, 2007

Exciting Night In The Highlands

Quiet night watching Rocky Horror on cable and contemplating my latest craft project. Raining muchly. Light flickers. Plastic shade falls to the floor. Burning plastic smell. Melted plastic on light bulb. Water dripping steadily from light fitting. Hmm. Candle, umbrella, stumble outside and remove overhead light fuse. Takes a while. Miss large chunk of movie. Dogs freak. Give them both a piece of cheese and myself a cigarette. Phew.

Today was exciting too, in a country sort of way. Took the doggies for a walk, which was messy (low doggies + long grass + lots of mud). Wandered into the village. Found an amazing shop that sells vintage clothing, including some gorgeous hats and a 1930s cheetah stole (all yours for $750). Nice, but mostly VERY pricy! Scrounged through various retail outlets yielding a new boot brush and an assortment of pliers and various other bits and pieces. Remembered the great old cemetary just over the other side of town. Was further away than I thought, but a most enjoyable walk in the drizzle, breathing in the smell of log fires and damp earth. Spent a pleasant while jumping in puddles and kicking through autumn leaves, tramping over pinecones and needles, reading gravestones, listening to the kookaburras, watching the mist settle in and pondering on the edibleness of the big creamy mushrooms with the red underneaths. Think I could get used to this...



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