Thursday, June 14, 2007

Winter Kookiness

Next Kooky is on the July 13th. Two housemates have birthdays around then, as does AuntyC. Maybe we can make it some kind of combined birthday bash to compliment their individual parties? Mmm.. and after such a beautiful encounter with a likely lad at the last Kooky I'm much looking forward to seeing what comes my way at this one. Time to practice the flirting techniques from Love Pump's workshop!

But what to wear? Its Black Friday, so maybe something unlucky?

i'm the ghoul king/ of a million dead souls/i'm erotic language/that was blessed in hell/should have said goodbye/when you saw those empty eyes/i know that you're watching/when i'm looking away/you got some sweet surprises coming again/whispered prayers won't keep you safe from harm/never recognize my bad luck charm

bleeding deep inside honey?/crawl away and hide/i'm ready when you're ready/come out and play/i'll be carving notches in my gun all day/whispered prayers won't keep you safe from harm/never recognize my bad luck charm/i'm living on a bad luck charm

- stiv bators
'bad luck charm'

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Blogger madam phantasm said...

I shall be there... because by then I will be free!

5:30 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

Free Madam Phantasm! Its been so long! It decided then, we must celebrate in the wildest fashion we can manage. I say we do pre-Kooky drinkies and dress-ups at my place (or somebody else's that lives a bit closer) then shmooze on down there in one blindingly attractive and unstoppable mass. What do you reckon?


5:36 pm  

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