Friday, June 15, 2007

(Soon To Be) In A Bind

With the help of Hunter, a tape measure and much crossing of fingers I have finally ordered myself a binder of my own:
Apparently, this elasticised marvel: 'completely binds the chest and leaves you looking masculine and athletic'.
I'll settle for less-girly-shaped and mildy fit, but hey, if suddenly I get biceps and a six-pack then so be it! Got the black one, as am too much of a grotchild to ever keep my whites white for very long, and the only thing I have ever been able to bleach successfully is my hair (if you count looking like Toyah as success). Hopefully it will arrive by the time I get back to Sydney, but be warned- the few times I have wandered about bound flat I've been constantly hard and sweaty and looking for some rough and fumble.

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