Sunday, June 17, 2007

Too Much Information

Laughing so hard I am crying after an email chat with Mistress O'Mayhem about the predisposition some folk have to wild and unseemly disclosure. To quote myself:

'um, yes. i have very blurry boundaries about what is appropriate to disclose and what isn't, so often end up meeting someone new, telling them all about my gender issues or desire to be a trough pig or weird family background or lactating through my binder and then go 'umm, was that too much info?'. never can quite tell whether people are interested or just staring wide-eyed because they can't believe that someone who is trying to pick them up/network/they just met at a conference is actually SAYING this stuff'

I try to tell myself that I am educating the masses by waffling about breastmilk at bus stops, or that Lloyd Cole was right when he sang 'She's inappropriate/But then she's much more fun', or that my overexcited revelations will be construed as vivacious and intriguing rather than the rantings of a fool with no sense of what should really remain 'inside voice'. Fingers crossed and tongues tied...



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