Sunday, June 17, 2007

Its All In The Fist

It's no secret that a lot of lesbians have learnt a lot about sex from gay men. If sexual historians like Gayle Rubin are correct, fisting began as anal play in gay SM bars in the 1970s and only became a widespread lesbian practice, as vaginal fisting, afterwards. As David Halperin has argued, fist-fucking (with its extended temprality, its direction towards pleasure rather than orgasm) can be seen as a refusal of the assumption that "sexual pleasure is at the root of all our possible pleasures".

- Aren Z. Aizura
'More Masculinities, More of the Time'
(in Self-Organising Men ed Jay Sennett)

I can't quite seem to get the phrase 'towards pleasure rather than orgasm' out of my head. I'll cum for Daddy, sure, but not yet...

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