Sunday, June 17, 2007

That Single Tuft Of Hair

But you are asking about men. I like all kinds of men. Dark is attractive. So are blue eyes. Slender and hard is lovely. So is muscular. Smooth is beautiful; so is clipped fur. I like guys who are sweet and smart and who have a solid understanding of their own personal power and life force. Brains are sexy. So is self-knowledge and spirit. I like men who take care of themselves and who have interesting lives and friends. I like complicated minds and simple hearts. Fearless eyes. Impeccable manners. Each individual man has small details that are nothing in and of themselves, but which acquire a poignant sharpness from their association with him. This one's mole, that one's scar, that single tuft of hair between his nipples, a streak of gold in a green eye, a regional accent: the heart-piercing specificities, his "puncta," to adopt a phrase from theories of photography. These are the objects of desire. Praxis? Vanilla with sprinkles to triple-ripple kink: delicious.

- Jordy Jones speaking in 'I'll Show You Mine'
Jordy Jones and Doran George
(in Self-Organising Men ed Jay Sennett)

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