Saturday, June 16, 2007

Clown's Pockets and Crafty Butchers

C'or blimey Guv... Is it possible to exoticise the British? A childhood of Ronnie Barker comedies, books full of governesses and smugglers and gypsies and winter dinners of poached (as in the style of hunting, not cooking) venison with suet dumplings has left me with all manner of unusual proclivities and perversions rooted in the UK, not all of them along the corporal punishment line either. I do believe I confessed in a beersodden moment one night recently to having a fetish for double glazing and central heating...

From Wiktionary: Exoticize.Transitive verb. To exoticize. To make something banal seem to be exotic.

Chip butties. Brittania Waives The Rules. Blackpool rock. Councils flats in Salford. Short trousers. Sun Hill. Pretty Girls Make Graves. The Bromley Contingent. The seaside, with cockles and deckchairs and a ferris wheel. Bedlam. The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole, aged 13 3/4. Page 3 girls. School dinners. Deepest darkest Manchester (City). Cheshire Cats. Canal Street. Skipping off school to see The Damned. Likely lads. Julian, Dick and Anne, George and Timmy The Dog. My old man. White cool cats in trilby hats. Marmite. Docs and braces. Charlotte Sometimes. Coming on Eileen. Snakebites in pint glasses. New Musical Express. Punch and Judy. Crisps. Bollocks. Football. Kenny Everett. Jubilee. Lager louts. Brer Rabbit in the Briar Patch. The Goodies. The trouble and strife. Yorkshire pudding. Scally boys. Rumpole. Tabloids. Old geezers what speak like me gran. Eton Rifles. Her indoors. A bit of how's your father. Neil, Rick, Mike and Vyvyan. HP Sauce. Early closing. A sniff of the barmaid's apron.

Not to mention my latest favourite pieces of limey slang:
Clown's Pocket- A large or spacious vagina.
Crafty Butcher- A homosexual male. From delivering meat via the 'backdoor'.

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