Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bound Breasts

You know when you are just off in your own little world at work, merrily typing away answers to questionnaires or asking serious questions about people's undergraduate experiences and then all of a sudden you're thinking:

'Damn, what I want RIGHT now is a session of heavy breast bondage. Like, until my tits go all purple and I have rope-welts around my ribs for days. Oh, and maybe while this is happening somebody could zap my nipples with a violent want. And of course, it might be good if I was tied to a chair too'?

Yeah, well, like that. *HINT HINT*. Not normally that much of a rope bunny, but sometimes I do get a inkling to be restrained by a nice length of hemp...

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Blogger Anne Bentley said...

That is so funny - such a work thing. such a "what the fuck am I fucking here for doing this thing" when you should be doing your own creative thing. also that need for release anxiety thing that sexual pleasure = release from bound frustrations (of the paying the rent type stuff). Damn know that one. Then it’s just the aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Just fucking hell.
PS when IS the adventure?
AB xo

12:15 am  

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