Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Deliberately Barren

This is the term a nasty politician man used in an attempt to discredit a female MP not so long ago. I mean, what type of woman would choose to not bear children?

I am deliberately barren. And sometimes my womb aches, despite the Implanon (contraceptive implant) ceasing my bleeding, and my almost-never shagging of bioboys rendering pregnancy most unlikely anyway. I'm 32 now, and with no desire to be an 'old' mother time is of the essence if I decided I did want to make babies.

Hmm, what has gotten into me these last few days? Why am I even thinking about this? whats with the sudden wanting to nest with a loyal mate and fertilise eggs? And when will it pass?

Mood: Nostalgic for the girl I once was.


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