Sunday, October 21, 2007


Trashy trashy trashypants Zoo. Friday Kooky 'til close, Sly 'til close, to friend's place for more beer and nonsense ramblings and gigglings. Then street art tour (yay) and Baby Love (giant tea cups, kind of like dodgem cares, with big plastic babies sitting in them and you get in and ride around) at Carriageworks. Seedy, but somehow manage to dye my hair and pull together a pretty impressive outfit and get out the door before 10pm to get to a hula-hopping pal's party. IT WAS FABULOUS! Amazing people, bursting at the seams with gorgoues creative performing types and a studio set up to take pix of partygoers (there was some weird fruit thing happening so I ended up posing witha grapfruit skin bra as a banana being eaten by my vagina dentata knickers) and Mr Red Shoes turned up and we just danced and danced and danced for hours. Sweaty and sexy and... more chatting and more dancing and some fabulous light-up hoop work from a whole pile of people and then we somehow ended up going for a 'nightcap' at the Oxford. Three, four maybe (more) beers later there is much snogging between dear RS and myself, and myself and another current curiousity. Yummy silly messy fun, then back to her place with RS and some other trashpuppies we ran into along the way for more beer and a little teensy bit of sparkles and babbling nonsense and sleeping on the couch. Ended up upright but not particularly articulate at the launch of the latest Slit magazine, their Gang issue. Eventually pulled myself together somehow, sort of, and schmoozed, danced, chatted, flirted and fondled with many hot and spunky folk. Nice night, great shows from Wife and I.Kandi (and clowns), stocked up on back issues to take OS as pressies for people.

I have done NO work all weekend. Cue PANIC.

There is SO much to do before I go away and I am just on the brink of freaking out. Hmm. Make more lists, do a few more all-nighters, come here on Sunday nights and not go out so much and just force myself to be productive. Think part of the panic is that travelling, whilst exciting and fun and full of interesting people and all that good stuff, is kind of stressful too. Especially travelling solo.



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