Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Less Than A Month To Takeoff And Counting

Current Zoo To Do List

* Finish paper for Somatechnics collection. Have 4 000 out of 5-6000 words down, but needs LOTS of editing and adding to still.

* Pack up my belongings and move then to some convenient storage space like, umm, my parents' den.

* Write Salzburg conference paper. Fortunately can base this on one I wrote but never gave last year, and use a lot of my literature review (I think?). Still, really ought to look at it SOON and not be too cocky.

* Two photo shoots. One for Slit with MO'M, the other solo portrait work for a friend's MVA project. Both require costuming and planning!

* Write conference paper, short and sweet, for some sort of PG Research Showcase. Apparently they want me to presnt bceuase my work is so 'innovative'. Be careful what you wish for folk.

* My first yearly PhD review. GULP.

* Work out two shows for November 14th at Sly Fox. Thinking cheesy and silly with lots of audience/friend participation. Have a couple of songs good to go, and the basic sketches of the shows that go with them.

* Finalise designs and details for major tattoo work, to be performed in London.

* Make more contacts, find more exhibitions to see and clubs to go to and people to schmooze while OS.

* Invent new hairstyle. Cannot consider going to Europe without at least SOME of it shaved to the skin. Damn waste of snow and subzero temperatures if you can't feel it on your scalp. Hmm, and what to pack? Yes, hard, but what else? Need to be a warm leather-clad academic performance artist in good boots. Think that's do-able with a bit of planning.


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