Monday, October 15, 2007

To The Continent, And Beyond! Part Two. Plus Some Random Things What Got Caught In My Net

Hard On. 15th December. Unfortunately I shan't be there this month when Buck Angel is performing (not a huge fan, but heck, I'd be curious to see him) but still... reckon there be some mischief to be had on regular nights. Now, I just need a member to take me *hint hint*. Look at the photo pages to see how the club got its name-its all just one HUGE hard on!

KAOS. Not sure of the date yet. But see if you recognise the Passive Aggressive in the first photo gallery. That boy is everywhere...

Just read that Torture Garden have their XXXmas Ball on December 8th. A nice way to start the festive season methinks. Yes, Santa, I've been very naughty.

The Horse Hospital. Not sure what's on when, but could be worth checking out. A 'unique arts venue in London which has been providing a space for underground and avantgarde media since 1993. We offer regular events to our members showing rare film, music, and art, as well as hosting a significant collection of fashion items and related material. Don't send us any horses.'

And even though they don't appear to have anything on whilst I am in Blighty, knowing that Actart exists makes me extremely happy. Whimper.

Geez, one gets the feeling that one really should be based in London for a while, no? If only it was not so far from Sydney! Bloody inconvenient and very bad planning I say. Ah, maybe when I have finished this PhD business I can just plonk myself somewhere in the UK/Continent for a year or so.


Berghain. The one and only. Has to be done, preferably in stints of more than 24 hours straight. And I will be there on my own this time, which means I can finally check out the dark corners (and rooms).

Oh, and in my online adventures I came across this reviewpost on Robin Grebson's Guide For The Perplexed. I do think this guy is a knob (most possibly not in a nice way), but heck, it made me laugh:

Untitled (Syncope) where Kira O’Reilly “employs…biomedical and biotechnical practices to consider the body as material, site and metaphor in which narrative threads of the personal, sexual, social and political knot and unknot in shifting permutations” meaning she cuts herself on stage with a scalpel.

One word sums this up for me. Why. Why do it? Why go and watch it? And look at what is really going on. In these types of shows it is always women, never men, who find themselves parading naked and self harming – this is little more than cerebral lapdancing for students of Gender or Queer Studies.

And possibly my favourite ever myspace 'I'd like to meet' comes from Lee Adams:

'explorers of the infinite and marvellous things of the inmost mind, that which is before thought ... These of the living hand, the makers of epics, the tellers of tales, fantastic, compelling, beyond belief, of that which is and never was, worshippers of a fair impossible (s)he, tramplers of the slime of the pit, clamberers of the rock of the holy mountains, dreamers of the rose and the dew, of milken hill and vine of immortality, these are they that tell of the true end of pleasure beyond becoming - who seek what is to be'

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