Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gay Peacock Falls For Lexus

There is a reason I still read the SMH. For stories like this one about the peacock who developed a thing for a boy-peacock blue car:

"It started when he fell in love with this Lexus, which was in a very distinct peacock blue and looked like another peacock boy," he said. "He couldn't control his urges and tried to shag it. He attacked the panels so hard that the car needs a total respray. "The insurers, Lloyd's of London, are not very happy about it."They've had claims for all sorts of things like lions biting people, but never have they heard of a peacock sexually attacking a car before."

Sir Benjamin has also decided the peacock, whom he named Ron Davies after a former bisexual Welsh Secretary, is gay. "Peahens are brown, but Ron Davies is only attracted to blue cars so I can only assume he's gay," the aristocrat, who has made headlines before by offering to give his manor away and hire his dog Jasper as a "best man" at same-sex weddings, said.



Blogger nixwilliams said...

ha! this amuses me no end. also, i love that he's referred to as "the aristocrat". i'd love to be an aristocrat.

8:50 am  
Blogger Zoo said...

there is nothing stopping you from being an aristocrat, Sir Nix Of William, all you need is a nice cravat and a collection of fine scotch... sure you can manage that :)

5:47 pm  

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