Saturday, October 27, 2007

Single Queer Woman

Just came across a reference to myself as a 'single queer woman' in an email- somebody introducing me to someone else and this was part of how I was described. Queer, fair enough. Woman, well, its to be expected as with my 'real name' and 'feminine curves' its kind of 'obvious' *sigh*. But 'single'? I mean, yes, I am and all, but as this was an academic-arty comment and enquiry, and the person introducing me had only ever dealt with me on a professional 'I'm not whingeing about my exes etc) level, it seemed rather odd. What the hell does 'single' have to do with anything in this context? Felt like I was being set up, like it was some sort of mating ritual... but as what? To who? Or some sort of judjement? She hadn't even asked if I WAS single! Me confused. Maybe she just meant I was single and not part of some troupe of performing bears?

Ah, its 3am and all I have done tonight is fall asleep watching BBC cop shows and pottered about putting a few things in boxes (I mean, packing, seriously) and plonked a whole heap of music on the new lappy. Really ought to get to bed as I've much to do today, but... nobody home, can play The Smiths loudly and bang about and have loud Hitachi fun so don't really want to!

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Blogger nixwilliams said...

that IS kinda bizarre.

9:32 am  
Blogger Zoo said...

i'm still unsure of how or if to ask her 'what the &*^%?'. it also prompted an odd response from the guy she wrote it too, as it was in realtion to me wanting to get my tits tattooed and he then felt he needed to warn me that the place he was recommending was 'laddish.' i found it all rather disturbing... i am a 'lady artist', a 'feamel academic'. grrr... at least she didn't say 'childless'...

2:22 pm  
Blogger nixwilliams said...

weird. is it someone you're likely to be dealing with a lot? do you think it might have been something she felt she needed to say to ... keep you safe from the LADS? (??????? i still dont' get it, i'm just trying to figure out why!)

3:18 pm  

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