Sunday, October 07, 2007

SLIT launch Sunday 21st October

Slit Magazine presents: Gangs Issue #12 Launch and party

What: The Slit Gang issue will be launched! And it is looking pretty deadly - housewives brandishing spatulas and pans, an ironic take on 80s dyke biker moles, clown punk wrongness, Ethnic gang Vrs the trannie cops.. turning the tables on police harassment, Gang FluffMuff in the taming of the Zioux, BykeGangs, an a card shark poker Gang spread by Tokyo
and that's just some of the photoshoots. There is also interviews with Fadia Abboud, djs Mandy Rollins & Feisty, The Blush Foundation, the Tranny Cops, Bonny (Survival Cafe) Brown Council and stacks more...

Shows: Covergang show by Mighty Hermaphrodity,Stranger Danger and I.Kandi; Wife, electronica band the Blush Foundation and more to be announced.

DJs: Tokyo Lovekitten, and Mandy Rollins and Feisty

Where: Hermans at Sydney University, ground floor Wentworth Building( City Rd, opp main Uni bus station)

When: Sunday 21st October, 6pm-11pm. Happy hour cocktails are on from 6-7pm.

Cost: Free! Slit magazines for sale. New issue (Gangs) $10, back issues $5.

Come and play gangs, dress up, and celebrate the new issue! All gender mutations welcome.

No prizes for guessing which Zioux is getting taken down by the FluffMuff girls. Its a hard life, really!

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