Sunday, October 07, 2007

So Long, Farewell

It has been called to my attention by certain persons that I really ought to plan a Bon Voyage Party to ensure that I see all my Sydney sluts, slags, supporters and sleazes before I go OS* for a few months. So, to make things easy for everyone, I'll be holding court

At the Sly Fox
Wednesday 14th November
From early until the wee small hours

Have put my name down to do a couple of shows that night too, with much audience participation (just not much mess, as they now have a 'no food' rule. I thought I may have caused that with my Garbageman routine, but seems it had something to do with Wife's chokky cake!) . So, you get to see me with my much of my kit off, not much of a novelty I know but still the last of my flesh you'll see in the flesh for a while. And naturally I'm always up for last-minute spankings or whatever else you come up with. Last time I left for a big trip I had my name beaten into my inner thigh, think beer carton stencil and some very determined and imaginative artists...

*Oh, and it seems that I am now heading to New York and San Fran as well (did I mention that?). So any contacts or ideas on where to go or floors to sleep on etc in these cities MUCH appreciated.

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