Monday, December 03, 2007

I Know, I Know...

I've been a naughty Zoo and not updating this much, but hey, I've been busy. And hungover. And knackered. And lazy. So, the last week or so in a nutshell: LOTS OF ART, though not as much gallery-crawling as I probably should have done, a trashy night dancing with old gayboys at a Morrissey party, eating pecantasche, the World AIDS Day march with the Berlin Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, wandering around backstreets drunk and pissing in random parks, dancing my booty off at Berghain, eating pretzels, sending postcards, hanging out with my mates for coffee and shopping, and getting hit on whilst wearing my new dirndl (which was a HIT, even in dark sweaty techno club). Have had an odd time here, seem to have done lots but also not much, still, don't have to run around all the time I guess. Sleeping necessary, and heaven knows I have MUCH busy-ness coming up in London etc. Tomorrow I spend my last day in Berlin for this trip going on a nice big walk in Treptower Park, buying fabulous German skincare products, and catching up with my friends. Or maybve curled up in bed with the tboy? Mmmm...



Anonymous Anonymous said... xmas gift idea

1:18 pm  
Anonymous felix_femme said...

thank you for the postcard
much enjoyed x

10:20 pm  

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