Monday, December 03, 2007

T And Tea

No doubt there is some witty pun to be made re tboys, tgirls and tbags, but not quite sure what it is. Ah, Berlin, I am so grateful too you for my exhaustion! Speaking of T, have a 'date' with a sweet tboy myself tonight... hmm... what to where?

Now, for you Sydney folks, don't know who exactly is organising this but I keep getting bulletins about it from the right people so off you go:

Where's all the trans + genderqueer peeps?

Afternoon tea!
3pm Saturday December 8th
Camperdown Park, Newtown (at the end near the Courthouse Pub)
Bring a plate if you can!

How awesome would a radical trans + genderqueer community be...?
Let's Freaken Build One!

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