Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mehr Schlaffen, Grrr!

Slept through my first Saturday night in Berlin, entirely missing a queer party. I am just EXHAUSTED here! HOW CAN I BE THIS SLEEPY ALL OF THE TIME? Is it the kalte? The air-conditioned dryness that leaves my nose bleeding and my skin parched? Not drinking enough wasser? The over-stimulation from having to think in forgein and negotiate strange places? The lack of proper sunlight most days? So many trips on trains and early flights? It seems that by the time I do a day of running around I am pretty much useless, just fall asleep after dinner or sometimes before... I want the nightlife, I want to boogie! Hmm, at least being Berlin I can always go out big-time on a Sunday night! And today is enormous flea market, and then a dear friend comes to visit, and I still have over a week and lots of art to eat and shopping to do and people to meet up with! If I can stay awake for it all... any ideas on how to get my energy levels back up? A sun-lamp? Four coffees a day isn't doing it, nor getting so many early nights. Vitamins?


Blogger drwoood said...

hmm, Ginseng might help, maybe try about 1g a day and see if that does anything.

cutting down on the coffee if you can bight be a good idea too - but don't do that too quickly! :P

7:06 pm  

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