Monday, November 19, 2007

Garbage Caught Inside The Living

Nowt to do with my travels, but found it the other day in an old collection of quotes, and wanted to share...

Here, the country of childhood no longer hurt, for the country of marriage no longer existed. Here, at the border, in the midst of the puddles released by the torrents of that month, women found the fish they wanted to serve for dinner. When fish smell too much, they’re definitely dead.
If childhood had been the season for sickness, these fish, these scales of fingernail, heralded the body of health. The religious body. Blood, touch of flesh, name here the sacred personages and holy Vestals: hair, eyes, lips, cheeks, bones, muscles, mucous tissues, organs that smell when dead when alive, garbage caught inside the living, marrow, air, water, limbs caught at their upper ends to the torso, ligaments. Name that Virgin Who sustains me in the middle of my heart, Purity, Who overflows into this river of blood, these emotions. All her emotions and secretions are holy. Perhaps even a certain murder.
Sustain this dream.

-Kathy Acker
'In Memoriam to Identity' (65)



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