Monday, November 12, 2007

Update Of Adventures

* Newtown Festival today was a delight, as ever. Vegieburger lunch, yummy juice, plenty of sunshine, ran into my latest flirtation and hung out for a bit, caught up with random people.

* Sculptures By The Sea on Friday, with abovementioned flirtation and her dog. Big things (teaspoon, figures, ball etc- see pix) perched on rocks and clifftops and grassy slopes, as usual (though seemed awfully repetitive this year, even more so than past years). Icecreams from the kiosk at Tamarama, then beer and chatting at her place and a nightcap at the Bears.
* Photo shoot on Thursday. Somehow ended up looking like a virginal Dickensian wretch from Oliver Twist, in my top hat and huge septum tusk and white lace and corset just looking wickedly cheeky and innocent! Oh, and then I did 3 forehead piercings, pulled them out and... mmmm... taste of Zoo-Juice on my teeth, the sensation of seeping, trickling... realised as I was walking through the Devonshire St tunnel on the way home that my pupils were as big as saucers...



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