Friday, November 09, 2007

A Time To Remember

Well I can smile about it now
But at the time it was terrible

- The Smiths
'Shakespeare's Sister'

Ah, have going through so much old paperwork as I packed, things that I couldn't part with years ago now going into the recycling... joint account statements, documentations of coupledom... but then there are other glimpses into the past that I can't bear to part with, that remind me of how far I have travelled and what obstacles I have overcome and why I do not want to ever go back to some of my previous haunts unless it is absolutely neccessary, and why I still long to lurk in others... its quite a mix and quite a shock somehow to uncover scraps of absolute joy, delight, passion,melodrama, emotional abuse, infatuation, obsession, requited lust, unrequited lust, insanity, addiction... all tangled up and recorded in queer press clippings, photographs, diary entries, birthday cards, notes to self, wrapping paper, recipts...

Mood: Nostalgic, and optimistic

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