Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Perhaps Has Something To Do With Kissing

My own attempts to write an article for Nerve magazine on the erotics of breastfeeding has made me realise how impoverished our language is whne seeking to describe a form of sexuality existing outside coitus between grown-ups. How to portray the dreamy "circle of love" as Penelope Leach puts it, without being sentimental? Or the elation and tiredness following childbirth similar to the obsessive first moment of a love affair? How to describe an act of penetration by erectile tissues which resists the comparison to fucking or fellatio, but perhaps has something to do with kissing. How to describe what it feels like, exactly, to be milked by a tiny mouth. To be pulled down by suckling, and hormones, and weariness. To be kneaded in the stomach by tiny feets, to have my hair pulled by blindly clutching fists. And, perhaps most erotic of all, what to make of the wordless sounds emanating from the back of my baby's throat, so reminiscent of breathless adult passion. (26)

-Fiona Giles
'Its The Writing Not The Sex'
Australian Author, April 1999 p20-26

This is inspiring, not for its baby content so much (we know what I think about that) but for its eroticisation of the act of suckling. Makes me want a warm mouth on my tingle nipple...

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nom nom nom!

i like it.

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