Friday, November 02, 2007

Oh Dear

As I wrote to the Lad...

'... ended up at The Newtown last night with Mayhem doing a Nanna Madge-to-Schapylle strip, then somehow I was convinced that as I was packing under my suit I should get up there in the quick money segment... just WRONG, with me swinging about a pole with my pants around my ankles, no top, and Nanna giving me head before I made some poor gayboy undo my harness and threw my packer into the audience (or thereabouts- I was totally munted and don't remember the details)... all of this to Rod Stewart's 'If you think I'm sexy'... and managed to get myself $50 and a couple of fans ;) oh, and before all this Dazza and Scragg had been getting blown by john howard in a bright orange station wagon down at sydney park, and having beat sex with him... geez, my life is just surreal!'

Day of the Dead feast tonight. Then doing an all-nighter at Uni to atone for my sins and lack of actual WORK this week!

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