Monday, October 29, 2007

Splitting Sides

Heck, I think its been a long time since I have giggled as much as I did this weekend. Much sillypants action! Quiet night at home Friday, much needed pottering and flopping about the house until the wee small hours. Nobody else was home, so I fell asleep lying around watching BBC cop shows, made cups of tea, properly chilling out. Saturday had the Shazza/Dazza pervy photo shoot for Slit, which was absolutely hilarious to make. Think zebra print bedlinen, silky of course, cans of VB and Bundy/Coke, Hills hoist action, and every Aussie blokes' Aussie dream of a threesome with his missus and her hot blonde best friend. She's a grouse sheila, my Shazza. Don't know whether we had more fun doing our patriotic duty all over the astro-turf or sitting on the black leather lounge going through the 600+ photos with my fave photographer, almost unable to breathe from choking back laughter enough that we could see the screen. Then was too sinusy and exhausted to even contemplate going to the Masquerade Ball I had promised a VERY yummy thing I would attend (and I am still VERY sorry I couldn't make it, but barely managed to stay upright in a chair all night- no chance of dancing Zoo), so texted my apologies and toddled off to Mummy V's for some dinner. Of course, dinner was delicious, and LOTS of it, and the company was special, then somehow a couple more people arrived and the champagne and red wine we already had were accompanied by beer and vodka and after much animated conversation and gossip and giggles it was somewhere around 4am (?) and I drifted off to sleep on her outdoor lounge. Woke up around 11, sunshine on my face and all squiffy and floppy (and slightly queasy.) Then Ali sent a message re heading to the organic markets, so wandered down the road and bought magnificent sheep's milk blue cheese and a bag of green vegies and checked out Reverse Garbage... home for food and shower and outfit change and then off to Gurlesque! Despite being a bit fuzzy still, and kinda sleepy, I had an amazing time. Such sweet people, and a few I'd not seen for a while, flirting with some rather cute ones and chatting and hugging and watching some of the best shows and podium dancers I have seen in quite a while... Vixen did a rather naughty act including a Ken doll, a meat cleaver, and some cucumbers- to Whyd'ya Do It? by Marianne Faithfull. Oh, I LOVE THAT SONG, still! Gaylourdes gave us very wrong Kiki and Herb slash fiction spoken word and sexy strip, Elizabeth B was as enthralling as ever, and Vagina Debbie, well- you had to be there! Think it was quite obvious how she acquired her name *wink*. We had Ali and the Harlot and Wife and a cute construction worker working between sets, oh, and quite a sexy nanna (if you put a pussy pound in her foundation garments she gave you a Werther's butterscotch) and the ever-lovely Lillian too. Lots of other shows of course, and Sex and Glita being, well, Sex and Glita. And LOTS of laughter! I love my tribe, my community, my logical family, my crew- sexy and generous and funny and subversive and passionate and political and... dang, think I'm gonna cry. Only going OS for a few months but I miss them already!

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