Monday, October 29, 2007

The Bank Of Zoo

Bleeding heck. I don't mind lending folk money when I have it, but at the moment I am owed $ all over the place! Uni buggered up my pay, and two people owe me relatively large chunks and haven't coughed up yet, and have been trying to get some bill $ out of housemates for MONTHS I'm trying to book hostels online and don't have access to enough $. Grrr! Stupid conference people haven't STILL taken my fees out, which means that I have to keep enough in the credit card to allow for that, and with teh xchange rate changing I don't know exactly how much that will be anyway... Makes it all very hard to budget! Life is complicated and hectic enough at the moment without people buggering around with me and constantly getting in the way of my plans. STOMPING FEET NOW.


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