Monday, October 29, 2007

Positive Proof (As If We Needed More) That LOTL DOESN'T GET IT...

Or if it gets it, it wants to stop it! At Gurlesque last night Sex went on a bit of a rant about the demon Lesbians On The Loose magazine, and I don't blame her one bit. For apparently they had taken one of Gurlesque's promo blurbs which read 'for women and trans' and made it read 'for women and transwomen.' Oh, what's the knock at the door? It must be the LOTL GENDER POLICE! Enforcing correct laws of inclusion and definition! Grrr, I have long and passionateley hated LOTL and their anti-kink anti-bi anti-queer pro-consumerist leanings, but this is beyond their usual lows. Perhaps, as was suggested, they just assumed that poor Sex Intents didn't quite understand what she was saying and, heaven forbid, they might start getting transMEN at their lesbian events and thought they were doing her a favour by making it explicit that it was only for transwomen??? If so, that is ridiculously misguided and blatantly patronising. If not, and there was a deliberate intention to make transmen/bois etc believe they were unwelcome at Gurlesque then it is completely unforgivable. And after all they have done to promote their conservative agenda throughout the 'lesbian community' I am NOT giving LOTL the benefit of the doubt this time.

So, to make this perfectly clear:

Gurlesque is for women and trans folk. Trannybois, trannybears, transmen, transwomen, transgender, transsexual... Simple.



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