Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What Zoo Did Today/Yesterday

* Contacted a fabulous man in Lyon, who maybe can help me organise tattoo tit work there. Fingers crossed. He sounds like he might be lots of fun regardless.
* Had a huge and entertaining online chat with the Bastian of Lyon. This led to a possible performance (of the squat bar variety) there. Fun!
* Returned my library books.
* Packed some stuff.
* Edited my book chapter and submitted it! Yay! Sure the referencing is still quite dodgy, but it reads well anyway.
* Woke up with massive stomach cramps.
* Watched The Bill. And a lot of crap TV.
* Put lots of music on my laptop.
* Bought groceries.
* Had champagne and yummy cheese at Melbourne Cup festivities. My horsies didn't win though.
* Made a parcel to send OS.
* Totally crashed walking along King St, and felt like crying, and couldn't work out why. Tired? Sickly? Stressed? Ja.

Hmm. Time to sleep. When I wake up I will pack more, organise costumes, cook, eat, post things, pack more, write the outline I promised my supervisor, go to work for a few hours... Hmm, feeling like it is under control somehow?


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