Monday, November 05, 2007

Diamantes Are A Zoo's Best Friend

I lost my favourite diamante necklace at Phoenix on Saturday night. Something made me look down and I could no longer see it glittering at me, I searched the floor, asked the staff, informed my friends so they could keep an eye out for it. But still it is gone from me. In shock- I had that piece for at least 15 years or so! It has been with me through many parties, many adventures (and as a friend reminded me, at least one fumbling 'coming out'-type girlytogirly experience). Still... maybe I needed to let it go? Maybe some budding drag queen out there needed the extra sparkle, maybe it has just gone for a wander and will return when I least expect it (La Infanta Galaxina- my kewpie doll pendant- did that once and gave me quite a scare), maybe it fell off when I was outside having a ciggie and got swept into a drain by the torrential rain and will next be seen by human eyes when it washes up at Bondi and some old geezer searching for coins with a metal detector finds it... So, happy trails dear diamantes, may your journey be joyous!


Anonymous Miz Vics said...

It was meant to find another home, so there there would be room on your neck for the fabulous new one you're going to find on your travels. xx V

12:14 am  

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