Saturday, November 10, 2007

Yes Mommy

Tristan Taormino asks in this week's VV piece 'The Rise of MILFs and Mommies in Sexual-Fantasy Material':

'Are mommies the new lust object? Other people's moms certainly are; that's usually what a MILF is. But could MILFs pave the way for other mommies, like the kind in mommy/boy and mommy/girl fantasy role-play, where the mommy is much closer to home? Could Mommy finally step out of the shadow of Daddy?

Now I'm not just talking about porn. In s&m, queer culture, and fantasy role-play, "Daddy" is one of the most popular archetypes around. Search queer or kinky personals for the word daddy, and you'll have plenty of potential dates to choose from. There's a level of comfort and familiarity with daddy play, which is not so much about eroticizing incest as it is creating a specific kind of dominant/submissive dynamic, where "masters" are drill sergeants and "daddies" are loving mentors. There are way more self-identified daddies—both male and female—than mommies in those communities. Why?'

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