Thursday, November 15, 2007

Truly Blessed

Well, 5.5 hours 'til takeoff. I am hungover, scatty, overwhelmed, and counting my blessings...

Last night's bon voyage at the Sly Fox was very special. SO MANY PEOPLE CAME ALONG TO WISH ME WELL! I am utterly blown away, yet again, by the love and support and and volume and sheer joy of my 'logical family'. To walk in and see so many of my nearest and dearest, so many beautiful, creative, generous, kinky, queer, transgressive, and brave people... well, I almost can't comprehend it! You were there for 'lil old me? Blush!

Oh, I'm going to miss you all greatly, but will keep in touch and bring you pressies and send you postcards (if you wish to receive one, please forward me your snail mail address) and I'm only ever an email away. Love you all heaps. See you in February.



Blogger ultravixen said...

Bon Voyage honey! Stay in touch! Sorry couldn't make farewell, house full of sick pussies. XX J

7:42 pm  

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