Monday, November 12, 2007

NDA- Unite For Aboriginal Land Rights

This has come through on a few lists now:

National Day of Action – Unite for Aboriginal Land Rights! STOP THE NT INVASION. LAND RIGHTS NOW!

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 18 10am at The Block in Redfern.

Wear Red. bring your banners. flags. your (angry) mob... grrr. and packed lunches!
March from The Block to Victoria Park where more is happening!
Speakers from affected NT communities – find out what’s really going on that you’re not being told!! We write this in solidarity with Indigenous groups who have organised this rally. We want to bring as much of our mob as possible in support of these communities.

If the government, cops and general workings of the Australian state can be so damaging to indigenous people and communities, they can just as easily turn on any other community – women, immigrants, workers, queers, or anybody else. We work together not (exclusively) out of our good nature, but because we’re interested in seeing the dismantling of the system of privilege and power which works against so many people and for so few.

A bunch of queers and others will be meeting at the block by the big pink flag. And we’re the ones with the smouldering good looks. We may have catchy chants with synchronized dance moves worked out by then so come prepared to strut your chanty stuff. Or just come.



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