Saturday, January 05, 2008

Easily Amused

BTW- I haven't had proper internet access for a while, so you're getting these entries in a bundle. But there are pictures too, so well worth the wait! From 30th December again:

Mistletoe is a poisonous parasite. It grows really high up on trees, a fact which I find ridiculously amusing. I don’t know where I thought it came from, a shrub perhaps, but to see these giant round bundles of leaves and berries against the winter skies thrills me as much as spotting squirrels or the big metal boxes of salt and grit dotted along the roadside for when the icy streets need to some more stick. For all the weary traveller I can be in airports and train stations I am still surprisingly amazed and excited by the most simple of novelties. The discovery of a new cough mixture or small rodent (squirrels! how CUTE are ssuirrels? yes, even the grey ones) or computer keyboard or slang word and I can be happy for days.



Blogger nixwilliams said...

squirrels are SO. CUTE.

12:46 pm  

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