Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year/Where Is Everyone?

Hoep you all had a safe and happy and trashy NYE. Mine was VERY quiet, but then, sometimes that is not such a bad thing... and plenty of time to party in the future to be sure. Still.. was dearly wishing I could be at Fruits- half naked and sweating my arse off on the dancefloor...

So, where is everyone? Have hardly heard from ANYONE in Aus of late, and am beginning to feel just a wee bit isolated. Let me know you are out there ! Let me know that you care! Let me know that my emails and texts and postcards are getting through!


Blogger Ali H said...

Many of us are trapped on a hillside in Lismore by rising floodwaters- not being very good correspondents right now! All good however, if somewhat dramatic.

Others are probably recovering from their hangovers/preparing for the tragic return to work.

Happy New Year, though! xx

8:55 pm  
Anonymous felix_femme said...

We are back from Lismore
limited internet access, every time we went to go somewhere it rained! The Trop Fireworks were fine and dandy and I had the best dance for ages in front of Feisty & Mandy doing the pre midnight double-up DJs rockin' out :)
missed you being there x

5:49 pm  

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