Monday, December 10, 2007

Unsilent Night *Sydney*

A and I did this last year and it was just brilliant! Take a peek at the website and join in the festive spirit
This year, download your music at the brand spanking new (and official) Unsilent Night website at you need is something that can play music like an mp3 player with speakers, discman and speakers or portable stereo etc.Then turn up at the delightful Town Hall steps at 8pm sharp, approach the organisers (the one's carrying the signs) collect your map and, at the given time, turn the volume up as far as it will go on your sound device and press 'play'...Visit download your music and be an integral part of this particularly special, left-of-field symphony.Tell your friends! The more participants - the louder and more impressive, the symphony.Remember, you don't need a boombox to be a part of this weird and wonderful procession...If you don't have a portable cassette or CD player, bring along an mp3 player AND SPEAKERS or discman AND SPEAKERS and simply DOWNLOAD YOUR MUSIC prior to Saturday at
N.B.a limited number of cassettes and CD's will also be available on the night for a $3 donation



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