Saturday, February 23, 2008

In Love With Hans Bellmer

See Sue Taylor's Hans Bellmer In The Art Institute of Chicago: The Wandering Libido and the Hysterical Body for lots of beautiful images and some words too. Swoon. I also bought a very special Japanese book on his Poupee series when I was in San Fran, and I'm almost too scraed too look at it for fear I will explode with joy!

Speaking of wandering libidos- at the Slit launch there was a whole universe of amazingcreativegorgeousintelligentpervywomynandwimminandgirlsandgrrlsandtranniesetc and all I could think of was MAKING ART with them. Didn't want to shag them or flirt with them or even snog them particularly, just make some nice photos or videos and have a chat about our favourite works and go back home to a cup of tea and my Hitachi.

Of course, I am not in total denial of my flesh, and thus am MUCH looking forward to the Mad F$#^ers Tea Party tomorrow. Pointy things and spanky things and cling wrap too!



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