Wednesday, February 20, 2008

HIV+ Sex Workers

From Kane at Scarlet Alliance:

Sex workers with HIV is one group of people who are often hidden and ignored. We often hide our status, either our involvement in sex work, or our HIV status, or both, out of fear.

There is little known about what positive sex workers face, what their needs are, what their issues are (I know mine, but not every else's!), the last research being 15 years old. Scarlet Alliance is seeking involvement from as many positive sex workers as possible, so that they can accurately reflect what positive sex workers want & need to hopefully make improvements, or at least try! There are quite a few ways positive sex workers can contribute to this project, especially from non-NSW areas!

* Anonymous submissions * Focus Groups / Private Interviews * Share your stories in Pro-Vision with the sex worker community * Joining a private and confidential e-list for

Confidentiality and privacy are considered to be paramount, especially in areas where doing sex work with HIV is specifically criminalised. We have processes in place to ensure that contributions are confidential, de-identified and protects everyone who participates and additional measures can be requested. Scarlet Alliance believes that HIV positive people
have every right to engage in sex, paid or unpaid, and laws should be changed to reflect that, where necessary. Please contact KANE at Scarlet Alliance on Fridays on 02 9326 9455 or kanematthews1@



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