Friday, February 08, 2008

Home Is Where The Zoo Is

Or will be soon- for it seems I have found a place! Touch more than I wanted to spend but has:

A puppy to play with
A big kitchen
An attic storage space from my room
A fish pond
Henson Park, home of the Newtown Jets, at my back fence
A view over the park from my window (I think)
A quiet neighbourhood

Plus one of my pervy pal's living there, with another postgrad-student type creature. So its not a party house all of the time, but it has its moments of wine, women and song (and the rest) to make pleasurable. And its close to Uni, and a few other mates live nearby. Oh, and its not a run-down hole of leakiness and broken things like many of my previous places. No mould in the bathroom or leaky taps! Yay! Ah, now I must find/buy a desk and chair, and a new big teapot, and organise the moving of stuff... Oh, the joy of a quiet house to study in! Day after day working on The Fever, of making costumes and curling up with a book. Bliss!



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