Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Room Of Zoo's Own

I dream of:
A BIG desk, with room enough for computer (with printer) and huge piles of books and papers
With one of those book-stands that I keep meaning to buy, the ones that hold your book open for you
A jar full of working pens, in several different colours, and many highlighters
An amusing box of paper clips, thumbtacks, rubber bands and other useful things
A nice thick corkboard
A wall planner so I can see at a glance what deadlines are coming up on me
A MASSIVE bookshelf, full of books of course
A comfy lounge, for when it all gets too much and I need a little lie down
A teapot and electric jug, with a selection of fine teas
Small bar fridge with soy milk and treats
Fresh fruit, nuts, nibbly things
A reading corning with a beanbag and cushions
Decent lighting
An ergonomic chair to sit on whilst I type away
A selection of artworks to inspire and comfort me
A stereo
A jug of water
Drinking vessels and plates and such, gloriously mismatched
A window I could open so the breeze could flow through and clear away my cobwebs...

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Anonymous felix_femme said...

ask GET about rooming

12:14 am  

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