Monday, February 04, 2008

Home Is Where The Art Is

Place I wanted to move into has fallen through, so am currently without a home to call my own. Hmm. So...

Housetrained and happy Zoo requires large bedroom/two rooms, that is, enough space for queen futon, costumes, clothes, sewing machine, desk, bookshelves and hopefully a big comfy chair or two.
Not a neat-freak, but not a total pig either. Can cope with some general mess, but not filth. At least, not that type of filth.
Genderqueer omnisexual pervert and academic, with smatterings of performance artist, journalist, events organiser, media slut, activist, freelance provocateur, rabblerouser and public spectacle.
Mostly vegetarian and full of soy-joy, own a big bbq and not afraid to use it. Smoke cigs sometimes, but always outdoors at home, and don’t have any pets. Don’t really do any chemicals anymore, but don’t mind if housemates do. Sometimes. But NO ice, seriously, and not willing to live with total potheads. Done that too many times before, and not very interested- sorry.
Currently working on The Thesis, and will be for the next couple of years, so will often be hidden away for weeks on end, emerging sometimes for tofu, beer, photo shoots, film shoots and random encounters of the artistic and down’n’dirty kinds.
Under $120 per week would be nice. Have bond, and regular income. So...?



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