Monday, February 04, 2008

In The Ghetto/Home On The Range

Well, what a beautiful homecoming weekend that was! Hanging out with my folks, then wandering into the Inner for a performance-planning date, followed by many jugs of New with a frenzy of mates at the Courthouse, doling out their Xmas pressies and telling tales tall and true. Then onto a mate’s place, walking myself sober as I walked to his place. Meet up with my Scragg and a naughty Smurphe, and a fab fag friend who wants to make me into a musical instrument. After quite a while I broke out the duty-free vodka, shared it around and drank a lot of it myself, talked gibberish, proposed art projects, giggled, cuddled, danced, passed out/dozed off, came to very confused and happy, ate cake and toddled back with the S’s for a nice big dose of shut-eye. Woke up between them, and felt all safe and warm and happy and floppy (not even much of a hangover- must remember to drink clear spirits more often). Then met up with Schwee for an afternoon of reading queer press and hanging about various cafes, before getting the train back to the ‘burbs. Sweet.

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