Monday, January 28, 2008

C&^$s For Fags

It is very true that I am much looking forward to returning to Aus. However, I am almost tempted to stay one or two more days in San Fran so I can make it to this:

C&^$s For Fags
Demystifying the innies of the genital world

a detailed introduction to the vulva geared towards gay men

$5-$20 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds

18+ -- People of all genders and orientations welcome

Queer presenters, live models, a safe space to ask questions... this workshop is the perfect opportunity for gay men to learn about vulvas, vaginas, clits, cunts, g-spots, inny-holes, bonus holes, cooters, tranny boners, clit boners, or whatever you call yours.

Whats a vulva? What does it look like? Whats a hymen? Is anal sex fun without a prostate? Whats up with the g-spot? What does it feel like? Why do lesbians love hands? What is female ejaculation? How does it work? Whats with the bleeding? How do orgasms work? Whats a clitoris? Is friction ever good? Whats a cervix? Does size matter? Is lube necessary? What shape is a vagina? What makes clits happy? How does arousal happen? Does licking the alphabet work? What makes it wet? Is there a taint? Is it fun? Is there a difference between a clitoral and a vaginal orgasm? What kind of lube is best for vaginas? What makes these genitals happy? For questions and to enroll, email

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Blogger nixwilliams said...

wow! this sounds so awesome! i can't help but wish that there would be a big enough audience in melbourne to run something like this. or maybe there is - i guess you'd never find out until you put it on!

9:20 am  
Blogger Zoo said...

doesn't it sound grand? i want to go! have emailed them to try and get some extra info on exactly what it is that they do at the event, and would love to do one in sydney somehow. anyone interested? maybe we coulkd take it on tour and come see you southerners too :)

5:52 pm  
Blogger Az said...

i'd be so interested in helping run something like this. although, yeah... i'm intrigued about who would turn up, and what kind of expectations they might bring along.

glad you're having fun in san fran!

12:32 am  

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