Sunday, January 27, 2008

This And That From Before And Earlier

Sorry for being such a slacker on the blog front- too busy and exhausted to write much! Here are some bits and pieces that I wrote along the way but never got around to posting...

Unpack Your Bags
From a while ago, after a ‘special friend’ had asked me if we were having ‘straight sex’, and to me, it was anything but! Warning, small rant ahead:

I gave him a trite answer, but then is it necessary to unpack everything all of the time? Can desire just be enjoyed and embraced, indulged and celebrated without analysis? Is it trite and overly simplistic to just go with the flow? So much critique and reflection and debate seems to be an attempt to justify desire, to validate urges and ascertain the morality and appropriateness of yearnings in accordance with the identities and labels of the persons involved. Seriously, when do vanilla hetero people ever really sit around explaining why they want to go missionary yet again? The answer then, I suppose, is that if we were having ‘straight sex’ then we wouldn’t be discussing it!

The Hole Truth

And musings from after the Intimacy conference in December:

What is it that draws me to make new holes in my flesh? Are my existing openings not already enough? Is it an invitation for invasion, to ask others to inhabit my territory, a show of hospitality in the spirit of ‘what’s mine is yours’, a performance of trust, a sacrifice, a way or removing myself piece by piece, a desire for transparency, an attempt to speed up catharsis? Is it what’s coming in or what’s coming out, or both? What are the offerings of orifices?

Viva La Resolution!

Well, it is a wee bit after New Years ‘tis true, but no time like the present to start planning the New Zoo. So, more for my benefit than anyone else’s interest (besides possibly a good laugh if you happen to be reading this any later than April or so), here’s some of what I would like to resolve to do in the coming twelve months if I were the type of being who made NY resolutions:

* Spend more time cooking, for myself and my friends. Nourish and nurture!
* Start German lessons.
* Start driving lessons.
* Learn to use my sewing machine.
* Stop thinking about being queer and gender issues quite so much and so consciously, and concentrate on other things such as a) my PhD, b) my art and c) the gazillion other things I enjoy doing that have little or bugger all to do with sex on any level or interpretation (like gardening, skiing, bushwalking and doofs).
* Teach myself to mix music on even a very basic level. Oh, and Photoshop or similar whilst I’m having a geeky moment.
* Volunteer for something less ‘fluffy’ than my usual community activities of ushering, door bitching, minding art shows, decorating venues, handing out flyers and such. In addition to, not instead of, so if you happen to be from Queer Screen or SLPA don’t freak out- I still want my vollie hours!
* Start some sort of regular and disciplined physical activity such as body weather, clowning, butoh, boxing, yoga, circus (maybe even drag out my poi) or swimming. Something which is challenging, makes me stronger, requires concentration and will make me more aware of the ways in which my body works, the space I take up and how I move in the world.
* Slow down. Yes, that probably seems quite contradictory to my recent posts full of projects and adventures, or even the rest of this list, but it is more about taking the time to do each and every task properly and with the respect it deserves. To choose my endeavours more carefully and set aside enough resources to do a proper job on each one. To this end, I will spend more time at home and in the office, more time rehearsing and editing and fine-tuning, and less time lurking around pubs drinking for the hell of it or wasting energy on chasing my tail. Sure, there will be plenty of chance for r’n’r though. All work and no play makes Zoo a dull Zoo.

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