Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Danish Dreams

Well, it all worked out somehow!

Went to Christiana where my friend lives, despite having no idea WHERE she was located and there being something like 900 folk residing there. Wandered around a bit, was about to find some food and head back into the city for a hostel adventure when she rode past me on her bike! YAY! Seems she had got confused with dates, not what date I was coming but what date it was yesterday, so wasn't expecting me for a few days yet.... Bloody hippies! Anyway, fate/magic/luck stepped in and we found each other and soon she had procured me a plate of vegie food from a place she works, and shuffled me off into the sauna (ooooooooooooh, hot steam, rocks to walk on, mud to rub oneself with, a cold plunge pool) and then we went back to her shack by the river, her riding her bike with me and my lugage in a cart on the front) and dropped my stuff off. More vegan feast at her friends place, a sound sleep, and up for yoga this morning... Just sublime...

New York tomorrow. Oh, I miss you all so much!



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