Sunday, January 13, 2008

Swedish Snippets

TODAY THERE WERE SMALL PATCHES OF BLUE SKY! Unfortunately I was not quick enough to catch this phemomena with my camera, but I swear it was true- pale blue poking through behind white clouds! Oh, it was magical, and even though it is still the middle of winter there was almost enough daylight to wake you up, almost...

Things I love about (southern) Sweden:
My mates.
Eating sill (herring) and shrimp paste and liquid yoghurt with fruit for breakfast. And meatballs for dinner.
The flat fields dotted with small farmhouses and churches and, well, it is hard to describe- will try to post pictures later!
The ferry I will be taking tomorrow from Helsingborg to Helsingor.
Spendrups beer. Or is it ol? Öl? Can't remember, but I like it very much all the same.
Coffee with vodka. Bugger Irish coffee- bless the Swedes for this one!
Amusing vowels (öäå) in public.
The VERY cute girl with shaved head and the big smile in the cafe in Göteburg shopping centre who mademe an excellent soy latte with a heart in the froth.
The amazing bushwalk I went on in a National Park today, full of much moss and fungi and damp leaves and lichen and other things of that nature (which made me most happy).
Funny little kids in snowsuits.
Blonde wood and blonde people, white candles and white walls. All VERY minimal and peaceful and simple, if kind of disorienting after a while.
The 'light' in winter. Soft-focus, gentle, makes the world seem dream-like and a little surreal.

Things that I miss about Australia:
My families- biological, logical and totally illogical.
Uni- strange but true.
Phoenix, Bad Dog, Kooky, The Sly, Hellfire and the Newtown (R.I.P). And anywhere Mandy, Fesity or Sveta be playing!
Sigh- 'the weather here has been perfect high 20's beach weather.... *sigh* I'm having a siesta then heading to the beach this arvos'.

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