Monday, January 14, 2008

Nothing Like A Dane


Actually, two out of three folk I have lost in Denmark are Aussies, but I'm still blaming the Danish for it! Bleeding heck, what IS it with these folk? Have lots of presents for the Bear, who knows I am coming 'cos a) we have been emailing about it for months and b) I saw him in Lodnong last month and told him when I would be around and STILL he has not answered my requests to sort out a time. The Aus boy hasn't answered any emails at all, and the Aus girl asked me to contact her when I got here so she could send me her mobile number. Contact HOW? Couldn't she just send the mobile number in the first place? Have been emailing for days, to no avail, and the only number I have for her from a while ago seems not to work. Should I just turn up at this address that I think is hers with my huge suitcase and whatnot and hope I don't have to turn back and come to a hostel anyway?

Dang queer freaky activist free-spirited types. It is SO hard sometimes to get anything organised with most of them! Even if you CAN make contact, ie they have their mobile phones on, and charged, and maybe even have credit or they have access to email and READ IT SOMETIMES or have a functioning landline that actually gets answered, well, even THEN it can be almost impossible to make plans with them due to overwhelming vagueness, hangovers, constant plan and mind changes etc. Between being left stranded in unfamiliar suburbs in the middle of the night, twice (different cities and people), being stood up on dinner dates, having an entirely useless NYE that didn't even end in drunkeness let alone naything else, being dumped in a hotel, and being on th ereceieving end of an endless series of vagueness from all corners ('when are you coming? oh, I took off the week before off work 'cos I thought that's when you were here even though I have had the dates for ages! oh, I didn't realise you were still coming despite the fact that you texted me two days ago with your arrival time! sorry, i know i said you could stay and you have just arrived here and i didn't tell youbefore but my housmeate doesn't want anyone else around' etc etc ) I have almost given up trying to meet up and arrange anything with anyone. Good heavens, I KNOW I am scatty but this is CRAZY!



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