Monday, January 21, 2008

The Feminist Arts

Brooklyn Museum has the Sackler feminist art centre, and I visited it a couple of days ago. Highlights: Ryoko Suzuki's stunning photo from the Bind series, head bound in blood-drenched pig-skin twine (Japan). Oreet Ashery's photograph Self Portrait as Marcus Fisher 1, Jewish boy-drag and an exposed female breast (Israel). Sigalit Landau's Barbed Hula film, a nude woman slowly hooping with a barbed wire hoop until her skin is marked up and it almost too difficult to watch (Israel). Patricia Piccinni's Big Mother sculpture, a very quirky breastfeeding depiction (Australia). Mary Coble's amazing Binding Ritual, 11 or minutes of footage from an hour long performance, where she looks at the camera, all mohawk and defiance, and binds and unbinds her breasts with silver gaffa tape until her skin is red and raw (USA). Judy Chicago's ultra-famous and ultra-brilliant Dinner Party installation (USA). Best still, you can look at most (all?) of it online here at the Feminist Art Base. Search for Shu Lea Cheung's Milk or Canan Senol's Fountain to see why I am still smiling.

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