Monday, January 21, 2008

Birthday Suited

Today is her birthday
They're smoking cigars
They lie in the bathtub
A chain of flowers...

Dum dum dum dum de dum

- The Sugarcubes
33 today, for it is still my birthday in New York. At midnight I was naked, halfway through a two hour session of life modelling for these freaks at Michael Alan's Draw-a-thon: Starting as an alternative to conventional figure drawing in 2005 The Drawathon Troupe a collective of art models, artists, musicians, performers and poets collaborate through improve, open ended narrative, hand crafted props and live music components intended for the public to interpret through drawing, painting, writing and other creative processes. Check out the site here for pictures of previous nights and more info. It was magic! I loved it! They provide all sorts of props and costumes- masks, a giant paper mache head on a stick, a globe, some weird drawing compass, gloves, dresses, feather shoes and feather boas, a Virgin Mary rug, sheer fabric, toys, hats etc- and then you just go for it! Of course, some of the more experienced models had to hold ten minute, half hour, or the case of my mate Valmonte Sprout THREE HOUR poses, but the rest of us just got to move around and create theatrical tableaux and small points of interaction with each other. I had a ball moving slowly and deliberately, considering where I was situated in the scene, what the others were doing, what I could do with the items I had on hand, and daresay people were quite happy with my 'performance'. Was great to just be able to play- put the mask on the bag on my head, hang a pointy hat from my breast, shroud myself in fabric, tie my hands together with stings of feathers, hypnotise one of the others with a crystal on a chain, pick up a long peacock feather and someone's discarded drawing and mimic the crowd sketching me, kneel before the boy with the mohawk with my head bowed, lie on the rug seductively, walk across a tightrope line on the floor balancing myself with a cane, put the shoes on my hands and crawl like an animal... Oh, I MUST do more of this in Sydney!

Thinking a wee bit ahead, would anyone be interested in helping out with something like this in Olympic Sodom, but perhaps on a more irregular basis? Thinking that I would like to do a life modelling/drawing workshop or event at Sheila-Fest in April, and then a pretty pervy one in May for SLPA (if they want me to). Just think of the the poses and situations we could create! Complete with scenery, music... don't have the time to run something like this every week or whatever, but would be very keen to co-ordinate events from time to time. But will need helpers, models, a venue, maybe even someone who knows a bit about these events as this was the first I have ever attended on either side and whilst I have the general gist it would be nice to get some advice from an old hand. What do you all think?

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Blogger nixwilliams said...

happy birthday, and i'm sorry i missed it!

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