Sunday, January 27, 2008

Adventure Update

And a quick travel update:
Got to San Francisco last night, after flight delayed 'cos of rain and then it took forever to get out of the airport and... finally got to hostel, somehow forgot to eat dinner, had a bath 'cos I can't work out the shower and got all dolled up and wandered around the corner to teh Lexington. $1 margaritas, cute dykes, glitter lipstick, snogging randoms, talking shite, dancing to The Smiths- felt right at home. Now though, it is 11:30am and I can't seem to make it out of the hostel. Fuzzy-headed Zoo.

Going to a great big old queer dyke tranny fest called Rebel Girl tonight, and will try to get to MoMA today for some art too. Oh, and some op-shopping. Bless United Airlines and their 'that's well over the limit for a bag- but did you realise you can have TWO bags of 50 pounds each as check-in?'. Woohooo! Gonna buy and extra dufflebag and fill 'er up. Reminds me- must get to Good Vibrations too. Yay!

And then there is some film shoot tomorrow that I might wander off to for a short stint as an extra. Support the local arts and all that, plus a good excuse to dress up like a freak and get my head on film. I like San Fran a lot.



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