Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I am exhausted and overstimulated and bewildered and amazed and almost hyperventilating about February and it has barely begun yet. Geez, LOOK AT THIS:

Quick + Dirty Saturday 23rd of February 7pm
Performance Space, Carriage Works
$25/ $20/$15 + BF*

Quick and Dirty is the continuation of Performance Space celebrating Queer Performance Culture - all that it was, is and shall be. In the lineage of cLUB bENT and Taboo Parlour, Quick and Dirty gathers old and new, restaging some original works and premiering current works. A mix of styles, forms, genres and generations, we provocatively explore the issues and ideas within ‘queer culture’ and celebrate the diversity of those who wish to come and play in this arena. Quick and Dirty includes a forum that brings together different generations and perspectives on queer performance. The event takes place at Performance Space - 2pm Saturday, February 23. ARTISTS INCLUDE Groovii Biscuit, Tim Bishop, Celia Curtis, Cubs, Chardi, Dallas Dellaforce, DJ Gemma, Chaz Glover, Miss Hollywood, Mat Hornby, Sex Intents, Marty Jay, Jade Kemety, Kimo, Annabel Lines, Fiona McGregor, Sarah-Jane Norman, Simone O’Brien, Teik Kim Pok, Pluto Savage, Justin Shoulder, Victoria Spence, Matt Stegh, Glita Supernova, The Kingpins, Travis, Trash Vaudeville, Wife, Nikki Wilkes, AñA Wojak, Yiorgos Zafiriou + MORE

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